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  1. WBA - Hotel Asset Management Hotel Capital Source

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  1. Monday, December 6, 2010
  2. WBA Searches for Hotel Funding Candidates
  3. We are keenly interested in acquiring hotels and commercial real estate in most markets. To this end, WBA is diligently searching new leads, and all avenues of possibility, and we invite your inquiry into our proposals for hotel acquisition or distressed property recapitalization through a strategic hotel capital infusion, hotel management and hotel finance resources. As a private equity hotel capital and funding group we can make decisions quickly. Given these turbulent times in the hospitality industry we are focused on real estate hotel assets that are under-performing. Our search is for hotels that have most of the following chrematistics:
  4. Gross hotel revenues of at least $4,000,000
  5. Hotel property is under-performing relative to it’s market set
  6. Hotel capital improvements required for repositioning
  7. Hotel lender relationship in potential jeopardy
  8. No hotel management contract post closing encumbrance
  9. You are assured of dealing with one of our principals who have authority to commit to a transaction and, therefore, a proper interest in bringing the matter to a fruitful conclusion financially and professionally for all parties involved. We guarantee a robust hotel intelligence and analysis network within our team's instant access to make accelerated and competent hotel finance and hotel capital decisions real time, not through a convoluted labyrinth of corporate layers, but directly ASAP.When WBA makes a move, it's as a team, with your interest and goals in mind, as well as ours. If you are in possession or in management capacity of a hotel, resort or mixed use real estate property nearing or losing competitive investment edge, we can help. To learn more contact us now, we are ready to help you make the next move advantageously. WBA offers strategic capital sourcing direct.
  10. We can examine hotel finance and management options in further detail, and identify potentials advantageous for a common objective of hotel asset maximization.
  11. Tags for Western Business Associates Hotel Asset Management and Hotel Capital Finance Source: Hotel Investment Opportunity   •  Hotel Capital Opportunity   •   Hotel Investors   •   Hotel Funding Source   •   Hotel Equity Hotel Loans   •   Hotel Debt   •   Hotel Debt Recovery   •   Hotel Recovery   •   Hotel Trouble   •   Distressed Hotels    •   Hotel Foreclosure    •   Troubled Hotels   •   Hotel Distress •   Struggling Hotel Investment •   Hotel Capital Source   •   Hotel Finance Aid   •   Hotel Finance Help   •   Hotel Help  •   Save Hotel  • Accountants • Financial Advisors • Mortgage Brokers • HotelierWestern Business Associates 520.721.2490 Tucson,
  12. Western Business Associates 520.721.2490 Tucson,
  14. WBA Offers Powerful Resources for Hotel Asset Repositioning
  15. Western Business Associates 520.721.2490 Tucson,
  16. WBA Assists Hotel Asset Recovery with Comprehensive Power
  17. Western Business Associates 520.721.2490 Tucson,
  18. Sunday, December 5, 2010
  19. In this time of hotel industry turmoil there remain an elite number of Hotel Asset Management experts who can see beyond the clouds to opportunities that lie ahead. We serve as a bridge between hotel ownership and hotel management that provides maximized hotel asset value. By aligning the Hotel operations with an Owner’s investment goals we optimize investment return in all phases. Our objective, as hotel asset managers, is to maximize the hotel investment through the entire investment life cycle. We have the capability of taking over hotels, resorts and hotel casinos as interim management, directing the hotel asset’s refurbishment, repositioning, stabilization and disposition, by innovation, hotel industry intelligence, broad experience and the often necessary fresh strategic hotel perspective. Related specialized science and insight empower WBA to represent owners with comprehensive hotel asset management expertise with a focus on Owner goals, hotel objectives and protection of hotel investment through hotel asset optimization and planning.
  20. While much has changed in the hospitality world over the past several years our focus on more traditional asset management principles has remained the same. We are actively pursuing alliances with owners of mid to upper scale full-service properties in most major markets. We are a young, aggressive hotel asset management company whose principals have filled key hotel management and financial management positions prior to forming Western Business Associates, each principal contributing specialized expertise to managing hospitality assets. We know the key to success of any hotel is selling rooms over a certain base level of occupancy at a profitable room rate. There is considerably more to effectuating higher occupancy than advertising and promotions. You need a specialist in the people pleasing business, especially in a hotel market as tough as it is today.
  21. Our hotel asset management company was founded out of a recognized need to better represent owners as hotel asset managers and we are willing to back up that assertion by our unique fee structure. We’re confident, based on our hotel asset management experience and understanding of the hotel industry, that we can manage your property more efficiently and thus increase the bottom line results. So confident that this will be reflected in our performance, our hotel asset management fee structure is designed for YOUR benefit rather than ours; 60% of our total management fee will be earned from the House Profit (before Fixed Expenses & Capital Costs) but after a baseline occupancy has been reached. This means that your fee outlay to us is LOWEST when your hotel cash-flow needs are GREATEST. WBA has a very strong, direct financial incentive to see that your hotel occupancy increases in the shortest possible time. You have, no doubt, over time received many proposals from which you can anticipate typical results. However, in these times of uncertain economic conditions, “typical” is not enough. Today, success demands a professional hotel management  and hotel funding edge WBA can provide. Your hotel will need to be the strongest competitor. Our proposal is not being made by a typical hotel group, nor can our results be assumed to be merely average for the hotel industry, WBA excels. We back this statement not only by our superb track record of results, but with our fee schedule. Our successful hotel asset management performance in any market challenge is imperative and we are confident of achieving the goal. We can help you "know the next move."  Find out how - Contact us now.
  22. Western Business Associates 520.721.2490 Tucson,
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  1. WBA - Hotel Funding Proposal
  2. WBA - Hotel Repositioning
  3. WBA Hotel Recovery
  4. WBA Hotel Asset Management - Hotel Capital Sourcing

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